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Is your contact center ready to win with the customers of 2021?

In 2020, we surveyed 5,000 consumers across the globe, twice. Our research revealed that their preferences—and expectations—rapidly evolved. If your 2021 goals include improving customer satisfaction, net promoter scores, or first call resolution, this report is for you.

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The top CX frustration—and what it means for your contact center

One of the most comment complaints we saw? When customers call but all agents are busy, and there's no other way to connect.  Plus, having multiple channels isn't enough: you have to offer the right channels.  Phone remains a favorite, but when that's not available, 70% of customers prefer a puzzle of other channels—and these vary wildly by scenario and industry.

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Customers grew more comfortable with AI

Compared to our pre-pandemic survey, respondents were 1.5 times more likely to engage with a chatbot.  That's good news: virtual asistants deliver better self-service interactions while reducing hold times and average handling times.  Is your contact center AI-ready?


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"It is clear that Vonage Contact Center is enabling Siemens to reach our potential as a global leader in customer service. Scalability, meeting SLAs, reducing call length and improving customer satisfaction are all major pluses for us.."

Martin Hansford Operational Strategy Manager, Siemens