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The Practitioner's Guide to CX in the Contact Center

Your company’s best chance to win the customer experience battle lies within your contact center. To win in the long run, you must create a sustainable customer experience. The only way to deliver a great customer experience in your contact center is by working in concert with your CRM, the system that holds your customer information.

In this ebook, you'll learn:
  • How you can quickly transform your contact center into a center of your company’s CX efforts
  • The importance of focusing on a few key capabilities orchestrated in tandem with your CRM
  • First-hand from businesses how they transformed their contact center operations to gain a CX edge
A good read for:
  • Contact center leads
  • Customer/Digital experience leads
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Customer service leads
  • Sales leads
  • IT leads

Businesses everywhere are under pressure to digitally transform and differentiate on customer experience (CX). It is the only way to survive in today’s customer-driven environment.

But, delivering a sustainable CX is no small task, especially when the experiences delivered by the best customer-focused companies set the bar for all the rest. Today’s CX is multi-faceted, covering the customer journey from sales to service and spanning channels from the online and mobile to the contact center. And while digital interactions are on the rise, the contact center continues to play a significant role in building and maintaining a brand’s reputation with an increasing number of customers calling the contact center for high-touch, complex engagements or for remediation of digital failures. Succeed in the contact center and your brand will thrive; fail in the contact center and your brand will languish.

At Vonage, we’ve given the subject of CX a lot of thought and we’ve developed this guide to help you with your CX initiatives in the contact center. Designed for the practitioner, you’ll find out what’s critical to delivering a great experience and how you can deliver it by focusing on a few key elements. We’ve also included examples and videos highlighting how businesses have used the Vonage Contact Center platform to digitally transform and dramatically improve CX.