Tough Customers

Colin Greenwood and Richard Ogley are here to help.

Specifically, they’re here to help you; the customer. As Senior Experience Director at Wolff Olins and Senior Manager of Service Design at Whitbread, respectively, Greenwood and Ogley spend their days head-scratching, chin-stroking and, ultimately, problem-solving to ensure your journey through the end-to-end consumer experience is memorable for all the right reasons. From hotel chains to computer programs, banking brands to tech firms, the duo are experts in this field of ‘Customer Experience’ — or CX.

But it’s an emerging industry, with many knots still left to untie and problems yet to be ironed out. So, to highlight the importance of the practice, identify the industry’s stumbling blocks and understand how to drive real change in a brand’s customer experience, we brought these two specialists together, with one instruction: Let’s talk about CX.

Learn more in the article, Tough Customers, from CONVO, the magazine celebrating the art of great conversation. It’s definitely worth the five-minute read if you’re thinking about launching a CX initiative.

 In the article Greenwood and Ogley discuss:

  • Four crucial areas of change your CX efforts will almost certainly involve—and why even more change will follow
  • Why successful CX strategies involve both digital and physical-world interactions
  • Why you should welcome—but not expect—quick CX wins

We hope you find it informative.

Written by Vonage Staff