Nexmo Connect: A Partner Ecosystem Fostering Communications Innovation for Enterprises and Partners

If Nexmo Connect were just another sales channel to market, I wouldn’t be nearly as proud as I am to announce it. If we hadn’t committed to being a pure communications platform as a service (CPaaS) partner who won’t compete with our partners, I don’t believe we would have achieved such rapid growth. And if we hadn’t built a collaborative ecosystem where technology innovation can flourish, I would not be as excited as I am about what the future holds.

But I am indeed proud and very excited about Nexmo Connect. It is not a typical channel program. Rather than focusing only on our relationships with partners and the revenue we can mutually drive through them, we are also committed to fostering relationships among our partners and customers. Their collaboration to invent new use cases for embedded real-time communications is a powerful differentiator from other CPaaS partner programs.

We believe strongly that working together as a community under the Nexmo Connect umbrella will add greater value to each partner and result in innovative customer experience solutions for our shared enterprise customers. Stronger Together is not just a tagline to us; it’s a core premise of our program. It enables us to develop stronger relationships with our valued partners, while they benefit from the depth of knowledge held within the full community.

The Combined Strength of a Partner Ecosystem

After launching only in March, we’re thrilled to already have over 100 partners in our ecosystem—and we expect many more. But as impressive as the individual industry leaders who have partnered with us are—Microsoft, Facebook, and MuleSoft, just to name a few Technology Partners—no single business can do everything for all customers. That’s where a partner ecosystem comes in.

Just imagine the business value that could be leveraged from cross-community collaboration. For example, think about a Contact Centre Integration Partner working with Nexmo Voice APIs and Microsoft Cognitive Services to create a new customer experience, and then integrating it into Salesforce using our MuleSoft Connector.

For another example, switch out Microsoft in that mix for cutting edge AI/bot technology from our Technology Partners such as Speech Village,, or, providing voice-based sentiment analysis.

Add to that Application Partners, who in many cases are already running business-critical services in spaces such as ecommerce, customer engagement, CRM, and intelligent marketing. Seeing these partners find new ways to deliver value to their customers is inspiring. Finally, mix in the digital, development, and system integration expertise that our Integration Partners bring, and you start to see why I am so enthusiastic about the community we’re building.

Collectively, the Nexmo Connect ecosystem is positioned to bring unique value to a market that is exploding. According to a recent IDC forecast, the voice and text messaging CPaaS market will grow to revenues totaling more than $18 billion over the next three years.

This growth will be driven by a recognition among enterprises that, as Gartner puts it, “CPaaS drives digital business outcomes.” Improved customer engagement, new revenue streams, greater efficiency and security in operations, and a highly collaborative digital workplace can all be achieved through CPaaS.

When an enterprise decides to pursue one of these benefits by adopting CPaaS, perhaps as part of a digital transformation initiative, contracting with a Nexmo Connect partner can offer them much more than the typical one-to-one provider-client relationship. They benefit from the combined strengths of the entire Nexmo Connect ecosystem, a community of solution providers who can build fully customized and unique communications experiences to meet any enterprise’s requirements across any industry.

This combination of Nexmo and our partners is already creating huge value for our mutual customers.

Almitra Karnik, Global Head of Marketing for our partner CleverTap, says: “Our partnership with Nexmo empowers CleverTap clients to leverage SMS as a reliable channel of engagement without having to worry about deliverability and security. Nexmo’s proven expertise in this space combined with CleverTap’s intelligent mobile marketing platform enables clients to engage with their users through the right channels with the right message at scale and drive long-term user retention and revenue.”

According to David Szabo, VP of Developer Platform at our partner Virgil Security, “The Nexmo Connect partner program allows Virgil and other partners to expand Nexmo’s products with new features and grow our businesses and impact together. We’re a perfect match: Nexmo expands access to messaging through easy-to-use APIs, just as we do for cryptography.”

Become a Nexmo Connect Partner or Find One for Your Project

Through the Nexmo Connect program, our partners have access to our comprehensive programmable communications platform, which includes core communication APIs across voice, SMS, IP messaging and video.

Nexmo partners will be empowered to help their customers develop unique experiences, creating a stronger and more personal level of engagement with their business that would not be possible without this technology.

Besides the community aspect, we’ve worked to make onboarding simple by avoiding complex partner criteria. We also have invested in providing visibility to our valued partners. The Nexmo Stars program promotes growth, visibility and collaboration by rewarding those partners who actively participate in co-marketing activities, while the Partner Showcase gives a web presence to every partner on Customers can find a partner easily by using our simple locator tools.

To learn more about becoming a Nexmo Connect Partner or to find a Nexmo Partner, visit our website. The program will be stronger with you in it.

Mark Summerson
Mark Summerson

Mark’s responsible for the Partner Ecosystem at Nexmo and a good day for him is when partners get together to create stuff that he couldn’t have imagined in the first place.