Zoho CRM Integration Can Help You Build a Better Dental Experience

People need dentists, but they don't care for poor service when visiting them. If patients don't feel they had an excellent experience, they are less inclined to return. How can you curate an experience that has patients consistently coming back? Integrating your Zoho CRM into your unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) might be the answer when searching for ways to retain clients and ensure a stellar experience with every visit.

Using Zoho CRM integration, you can improve your patient's dental experience.

Why Zoho CRM Integration?

The concept of CRM integration is essential to a seamless experience, and will help to enhance customer experience. By tying your database full of valuable patient information into your means of communicating with them, you unlock some exceptionally useful features:

  • Interact with patients without ever leaving Zoho CRM. This CRM solution effectively enables you to avoid the dreaded "switch pause" when bringing up customer information on a call. Screen pops present caller information on both outbound and inbound calls, meaning you've got all the right information in one place, including records, notes, and the ability to quickly add appointments.
  • Streamline administrative tasks like appointment reminders.

These features may not appear world-changing at first glance, but their combined effect is far greater than you might think.

Knowledge is Power (and Personability)

Your Zoho CRM has the ability to hold just about every piece of detailed information you could ever want to know about each of your patients. You can track how long it's been since their last visit, when they had their last cleaning, or even personal notes, such as interests or a recent promotion at work.

With automatic call pop-ups, your staff is greeted with the patient's Zoho profile the moment their call comes through. If you're the one initiating contact, simply click to dial straight from within the Zoho platform on your favorite browser. With no need to manually search to bring up client notes, your staff will always be ready to engage with patients without making them wait as they pull up their files.

For a patient who only visits every six months, having relevant patient records at your fingertips prepares your office to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience — no matter who on your staff is answering the phone. For the front desk, this means no longer scrambling to remember if Mr. Swanson goes by Bill, Will, or William.

In a nutshell, using Zoho CRM integration with your UCaaS platform gives you new and abundant opportunity to improve patient experience.

Patient Information Helps Build Rapport

A great way to build rapport with patients is through genuine communication. Zoho CRM integration makes this both seamless and automatic. This occurs when you're able to go above and beyond the call of duty. With Zoho CRM integration, you'll be able to determine when to connect with patients and what you should connect with them about. Automatically send out messages on important dates like birthdays or follow up on important life events such as a wedding that was documented in Zoho during the last visit. In other words, prove to your patients that you genuinely care by simply reaching out.

You can also demonstrate your willingness to meet your patients where they're at: Everyone needs a dentist, but very few people still communicate using a rotary phone. Pigeonholing your most accessible means of connection into a single technology such as traditional telephony is a quick way to sour an otherwise impeccable patient experience. Zoho tells you how each customer prefers to be contacted, and by integrating it into your cloud hosted unified communications, it allows your office employees the means to reach out from any browser or mobile device.

Cloud-based Efficiencies

Zoho integration into your unified communications also gives you the flexibility to adopt to cutting edge practices with impunity.

Take simple consultations, for example. How can you encourage patients to stay engaged with your practice the rest of the year? One great way is through remote consultations. After all, your clients often have simple questions that come up outside their appointment window.

Perhaps Mr. Swanson (or Bill, as Zoho CRM points out he prefers to be called) chipped a tooth at his last bowling tournament and wants to know if he needs to make an appointment before his regular checkup. He calls your office, explains his predicament, and says he knows he'll have to come in for a visit. But there's good news for Bill: rather than physically coming to the office, your staff can offer him a remote consult. Without opening any programs or platforms — Zoho automatically opened as Bill's call came through — you add a new appointment and direct the patient to a video consult, giving both Bill and dental office staff a convenient alternative to an in-person visit.

Bill doesn't have to leave his house and effectively avoids the waiting room for a routine consult. He walks away from the experience highly satisfied — even if he's not thrilled about needing a new crown for his chipped tooth.

In a nutshell, integrating Zoho into your UCaaS platform gives you new opportunities to improve patient experience. Whether it's staying connected with patients through the latest technology or accessing the right person's data at the right time to curate a better patient experience, Zoho CRM integrated with UCaaS is a must for building patient loyalty and trust.


Vonage Staff

Written by Vonage Staff