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How Conversation Analyzer Drives Business Continuity

This article was published on August 12, 2021

Vonage Helps Our Customers Help Their Customers

During these difficult and uncertain times, end customers will be contacting your business expressing concerns relating to whatever the latest crisis is. It might be about extreme weather conditions, power outages, various health scenarios, or other such situations where they need empathy and guidance in the face of adversity. Done correctly, this will result in stronger emotional connections with customers, forging long-term business relationships.

Automatic Call Listening

It’s a fact that even in the best-run contact centers, supervisors and quality management teams are only able to listen in to a tiny fraction of all the calls taking place. What if you could automate that process, so that 100% of calls were transcribed and could be analyzed for keywords, key phrases, or particular customer and agent behaviors?

Conversation Analyzer to the Rescue

Vonage’s speech analytics solution, Conversation Analyzer, automatically transcribes and tags all calls in the contact center, converting voice to digital text that can then be analyzed. You’ll be able to uncover every aspect of your sales and service performance without draining time and resources listening to every call. Automatic voice call analysis lets you instantly identify insights and trends, as well as assess your peoples’ compliance and product knowledge, taking any urgent action fast.

Integrate Voice and CRM Data

Conversation Analyzer integrates knowledge derived from voice calls with your CRM data to effortlessly identify improvement areas. Transcribed calls are automatically logged into Salesforce objects and can be associated with standard objects like contacts, cases, and custom objects. This will let you prioritize key insights, drill down into ineffective conversations, and pick out the most effective ones.

Einstein Dashboards

A picture paints a thousand words, and it’s no different with speech analytics. Once Conversation Analyzer has done its initial work, it’s straightforward to use Einstein AI and built-in dashboards to visually segment and analyze all customer conversations.

Replicate Best Practices

The best service providers simply know how to forge strong connections with their customers. By accessing simple graphic displays breaking calls down into different subjects, it becomes easy to dissect the secrets of a great conversation. This can then be shared across the contact center team, ensuring that every conversation provides support levels that set the organization apart.

Build an Emotional Connection

Great conversations are usually based on emotional connections. Conversation Analyzer provides more of the story, so that you can see beyond the words in a script to find key insights that build richer, more engaged relationships with your prospects and customers. If your business is suffering during these uncertain times, now you can hear exactly what’s going on and act upon it at scale.

For more information, please visit our Conversation Analyzer page to learn about how Vonage’s Conversation Analyzer can help your business prosper and flourish.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage