The Most Innovative Live Video Apps in Europe

Europe has the highest smartphone penetration globally with 84% of the population on mobile. Enabled by internet speeds that race ahead of the world and highly competitive broadband prices, Europe has pioneered many live video communications applications.

From major financial institutions like RBS launching live video for wealth management, to Babylon Health bringing online doctor consultations to the UK, and customer experience innovators Unblu and InfoCert – businesses across Europe are using live video to transform user experiences. With the power to reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint, enhance education, plus improve patients’ lives, the rise of real-time video communications in Europe is a force for social good too.

Here is a closer look at some of the most innovative applications of live video in Europe:

O’Clock | France | Education

Training future coders through interactive live video lessons

This French startup has a big mission – to completely transform the way coding is taught, and grow competent, qualified and recruitable developers.

With a booming tech industry and support from the highest levels of French government, demand for skilled developers is high in both France, and Europe. However, taking the plunge to switch careers and become a developer is a daunting prospect.

The O’clock team aim to make it as easy and convenient as possible. The online school’s intensive coding course runs entirely on live video classes. Led by experienced teachers, O’clock students sign in every day for live video classes on the day’s subject. From this interactive online classroom, they work on challenges and problems all from the comfort of their own homes – even in their pyjamas!

But students at O’clock aren’t afforded an easy ride just because they can take classes from home. The programmes are intense, with rigorous teaching and testing standards and an officially recognized qualification at the end of it. Thanks to the flexible nature of live video learning, O’clock is opening doors to would-be developers to start their journey towards a job in this exciting field, from wherever they are. | UK | Remote work and collaboration

Bringing human contact to remote teams through live video

Working from home. It’s a dream for office workers stuck with long daily commutes. But with improved work-life balance and productivity, that dream is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both businesses and employees across Europe, and globally.

However for all it’s flexibility and convenience, remote working comes with its challenges. Without human contact between team members, feelings of isolation and loneliness can set in. And coordinating a group video call is time consuming and frustrating. Before long, communication can break down and good communication is the glue that holds together high performing, happy teams.

Sneek exists to change that. The Sneek app is bringing the human touch back to remote working, using live video as the next best thing to being in the office with your teammates.

The main screen of Sneek is its Wall of Faces. The system takes your photo periodically so your co-workers can see exactly where you are and what you’re up to. Need to chat to one of them? Just click their face to start an instant video call.

Group video chat is simple too. Teammates can click on multiple faces to add people to the room. Thanks to Sneek, remote teams can now stay connected easily and take advantage of all the benefits remote working has to offer.

Flabba | UK | Recruitment

Remote job interviews powered by live video

Recruiting is one of the toughest challenges businesses face today, with the cost to find and hire a new employee in the UK estimated at £30,614. It’s a long and cumbersome process to find the right hire. In particular, the time it takes to make a hire is impacted by the number of different decision-makers who must meet and approve the candidate. This usually involves juggling schedules across multiple applications and going back and forth with several people just to line up interviews.

Flabba, which counts NHS and the UK Home Office as customers, solves this problem with a full candidate management system that has online video interview functionality built in. Through the Flabba Recruitment Platform, businesses can invite candidates from anywhere in the world to a live, recordable video interview. Interviews can then be shared with multiple stakeholders in the business, allowing for a more efficient and deeper due diligence throughout the candidate selection. Flabba ensures you invite only those you really should be meeting, in for face to face interviews, resulting in fewer wasted interviews. Customers of Flabba are enjoying a 50% reduction to their traditional recruitment cycles. Giving valuable time back to the business and enabling new employees to become productive quicker.

Flabba is a browser based SaaS. There are no troublesome software downloads required. All users need is access to the internet and a webcam with microphone built in, which is standard on pretty much all modern laptops and tablets. Flabba is the future of recruitment.

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Written by Vonage Staff